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Kentaro Miura, who also drew the visuals for the stories, is the author of the dark fantasy manga series titled Berserk. A lone mercenary named Guts and Griffith, the leader of a group of mercenaries known as the Band of the Hawk, are at the focus of the plot, which is set in a dark fantasy world. Medieval Europe serves as the backdrop for this story. The narrative examines both the most admirable and the most abhorrent facets of human nature. As a result, themes of community and loneliness, as well as the question of whether humanity as a whole is inherently good or bad, are present throughout the narrative. Regarded for their use of extreme violence and explicit sexual content, both anime and manga have gained popularity.

Guts in the comic series Berserk
The Hawks are first acclaimed as heroes for their role in ending the century-long conflict that had been devasting the state of Midland when Guts leaves the Hawks to follow his own vision. The process, however, dashes Griffith’s dreams of one day leading his own country. The King’s daughter, Charlotte, is the object of Griffith’s efforts to court her throughout his year-long prison sentence for failing to cope with the death of his wife. Since Guts discovered this and intervened to save Griffith by assisting the exiled Hawks’ skeletons, Griffith has been reduced to a mute shadow of his former self. Griffith has suffered terrible deformity ever since. He accidentally activates the behelit on his fellow and finds that the weight of understanding his body is too damaged for him to carry. Griffith’s desires also show that there is simply too much to ponder. This directs the Hawks to a different aircraft, where they come upon the four God Hand, four archdemons working for the Eclipse. The apostles, who, like Zodd, have given up humanity and their closest friends and family members for the power of the God Hand, beckon Griffith to surrender his men to them. Griffith can finally join the God Hand and realize his destiny to take the group’s leadership by doing this. Despite being saved from certain death by the unnamed Skull Knight, Guts witnesses the terrible slaughter of his fellow soldiers while also protecting his beloved Casca. But Guts continues to witness the deaths of his fellow warriors. Intestines loses an arm and an eye after being sexually assaulted by the reborn Griffith, now known as Femto, and Casca becomes insane as a result of the ordeal.

The first Berserk manga was made available to the public by Miura in 1988.
After coming across Farnese of the Holy Iron Chain Knights of the Holy See Church, Guts finds himself subjected to a dreamlike kind of torment that results in Griffith having his physical type returned. With the help of his new allies, Guts transports Casca to the elven land of Elfhelm for safety, while Griffith establishes a second Band of the Hawk and enlists Zodd and other Apostles to resist the oncoming Kushan forces. Repelting the Kushan invasion is Griffith’s main objective. With the demise of the emperor and the fusion of the supernatural and natural realms, the battle between the Kushan emperor and Griffith, a rebellious apostle, comes to a decisive conclusion. With the approval of the Pope and Princess Charlotte, Griffith, who is no longer endangered by either good or evil, lays claim to Midland. Additionally, he establishes Falconia as a city to save Midland residents from the growing number of attacks by magnificent creatures.

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